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Originally Posted by Travis28715 View Post
Tom S, shims are .5mm or just a hair under .02”, (0.01968498”), thick.
Yeah, I know.
Originally Posted by Tom S View Post
Thanks, Kingbee, .......
Per your link the shims are .5mm or just a hair under .02”, (0.01968498”), thick. .....
Ok, you’re a n00b. I’ll help you out with some posting info.
You quoted both PNW & me but it’s hard to tell sometimes when it makes it look like it’s only what you wrote Can cause confusion.
If you click on the quote button at the lower right of someone’s post you you will get what you see others doing with quotes in some replies here & can type your reply after or even before the quote.

You don’t have to use the whole quote & can edit it down to only the particular part that you want to reply to as I did here. In fact I recommend that. It’s irritating when someone quotes a very long post & has little to say about the whole thing. Worse yet quoting someone’s big long string of pix that we have just looked at.
Another good thing about using the ‘quote’ button is that you can click on the little square to the right of the quoted posters screen name & it takes you back to their post if you want to read the whole post again.

SBS, huh? Yeah, we got ‘em, nobody else does.
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