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Originally Posted by Mr_Gone View Post
It happens occasionally, but rarely. I ride every day, though, unless there's ice on the road.

Last winter, I don't think the temps fell below freezing more than a half dozen times at night. This year, it's been in teens several times, so I'm anticipating a colder winter.

But I have a new hobby photography so I'm trying to get out more, ride on the weekends, and start learning how to take better photos. So during the winter, that means colder temps.
One problem you can run into is if the camera is several degrees warmer then the outside air, when you pull it out you'll have issues with the lens fogging up and heck, maybe even the sensor I'm guessing. I would think you want to keep the camera at or about the temps of the outside air. Like someone else said, just keep teh batteries warm.
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