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All those use cases are already in the plan. I was planning to keep the BT radio on standby for 24-48 hours before shutting it off and losing the capability to communicate with the system without restarting the bike. The BT radio I selected is "Low Energy" so its very kind of the battery, micro amps. You will have a manual override on all the circuits and you will be able to setup the phone software to identify circuits that can dim and those that cannot (so you do not get a dimmer slider for circuits that would break with less than 100% duty cycle)

Originally Posted by OaklandStrom View Post
Allowing me to control the PWM dimming while the bike is off (and a preset on my smart phone) would be cool.

For example...

When I get home at night, I'd like the LED driving lights to stay on for an extra 60 seconds, so I can see when I unlock the garage door.

Let's say I'm camping, and need light. I'd like to run the LEDs at 15% to set up my tent, without running the bike.
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