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Originally Posted by Stagehand View Post
Hey Mike, you know what I like, or think would be cool?

I have been using the heck out of the little rectangular stuff bags, the Kubes It doubles as either the tire kit, or toilet kit, depending on the trip

But importantly, I think it definitely keeps things from going loose in the backpacks. If I had three of them, there wouldnt be any loose stuff. The backpack becomes a stuffsack for smaller, nested ones. And each pack could be used independtly, without going spelunking in the pack just to find one thing.
I could either pull out the toilet kit OR the tire change kit, OR the maps, compass, keys and phone.

Just a word out to you guys looking to get a backpack. get two or three of the Kubes. It just helps my organisation a lot, because I tend to get a little spread out
Agreed, Jason. And funny you should mention that: to take it a step further, just a few days ago Dom (one of the two Kriega owner / designers) asked for my input on potential new product development and I suggested a couple of different sized Kubes or stuff sacks, with either color coded sections, or a 'window' to insert labels, so it's easy to remember what's in what.

Ran a couple of other decent (well, I think so, at least) ideas related to this past Dom too. Naturally, y'all will be the first to know if any of them make it into production.


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