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Originally Posted by Ol'NumNuts View Post
Do you mind if I ask what GPS you guys are using?
I've tried searching the Aus. Topics/threads but I am struggling to find recent & relevant info.
I use Sygic on the iPhone and iPad in the car but the combination of protective case and gloves for use on a Bike, well it's appearing quite clunky?
I'd prefer to get first hand users recommendations over Google any day.
Any advice/suggestions would be much appreciated...
I use a Garmin Dakota 20 about 300 bucks including TOPO maps, it's fine for following someone's GPS tracks and managing waypoints etc, it also records and is easily transferable to PC for track and waypoint management, and is small and light. I run it off a 12 v socket, but 2 AA batteries last about 2 x 3/4 days rides if not pwered of 12v. It's main downfall it is a relatively small coloured screen and if your trying to look at maps to work out a route it can be a bit limited. The screen is excelent to read as your riding in the sun, but in the shade it can be a challenge and took a few glances some times. This was my first navigation by GPS trip with it and it did a great job, I am learning more about it as I go. You can see it mounted in a case on my handlebars, it's just an iPhone case cable tied on and I use the safety strap around the bar, but it's never looked like coming off.

Most of the the "big boys" use Garmin Montana, it has a bigger screen and lots more function 700 or 800 bucks I believe. For my local adventures the Dakota is all I need.

I also use my spot tracker carried in a case on my shoulder in my camel back, this is really just for peace of mind and for my family's to keep an eye on me. Especially as I do enjoy getting out on my own sometimes and that can be risky.

I'll probably get shot down by others with other opinions but that's my take on things at this stage and we all have preferences. it would be wise for you to post in a GPS thread from this point you will probably get more info out of that.

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