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Originally Posted by navi View Post
Read it somewhere, it has something to do about not being part of the background view.

All things moving at the same speed, in the same direction become part of the background visually. Part of the reason that people tend to say that they looked but didn't see the motorcycle, it just blended with the background and being smaller than the vehicles around it simply disappeared.

So ... if you are moving at a different angle, or rate of speed from ( I like 5-10k faster than the flow ) you have a better chance of being seen. Ever look at something in wide view and you only noticed the animal when it moved... kinda the same thing

Someone is going to have a more detailed / better explanation.. But that's my 2
No need, I got it and it makes sense. Also, someone else responded to it earlier but it's like leaving yourself messages on the fridge or something.

If they're there too long or you put too many, you wind up not seeing them or ignoring them.

My memory sucks so I send myself emails as reminders and guess what, I do it so often that finally I ignore or forget half of them.
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