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Originally Posted by scottalot View Post
I'm still kickin' a 2002 DL1000.. Good bike though I must admit. One downfall of the 1000 I see is you have to tinker w/ them a LOT to get em' running right. On the flip side from what I hear the 650 comes running good right outta the box. I can say though, that once you put the effort into getting the Vee tweaked out it runs like a spider monkey jacked up on Mt. Dew.
Honestly speaking, I would be more than happy to add a 650 to the arsenal but cannot see it happening in the near future. I'm still having to much fun toying w/ what I have.
IMHO opinion the 650 is one of the sweetest motor known to man - there is nothing like dropping it back a cog or two and doing a high speed close fly by on a riding mate who is falling a sleep on a tar section with the big v twin humming and the staintune crackling out the back. They pretty soon wakeup and start wanting to make sure it doesnt happen again!

I would love to see mr Suzuki put some thought into a Vstrom 650 ADVenturer similar to the LC4 640 adv I would be all over it like a fly on poop!
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It's the classic freudian slip... "come out of the closet, and jump into the jaccuzzi with the rest of us..."
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