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a new rider is going to have the occasional 'oops' and set the bike down on it's side....either standing still or at low speed.

I wouldn't take any of these new bike suggestions for your next bike, especially if you're leaning towards a bike big enough to cover some ground on with your riding buddies.

Buy something cheap that has already taken a resale hit, put a year's worth of miles on it, see where it falls short in your expectations....and put that info into the "what your first new bike should be" folder.

The SV650 was a very good idea, and you could save money towards the next new one by looking at GS500's, EX500's, etc.

Maybe your first new bike could be a V7 or an NC700X or something like that - but wouldn't you hate to spend all that money and find it wasn't what you really needed/wanted - then YOU get to take the depreciation hit?
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