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Removed the ground, pulled the starter, checked the wires to the relay, all seemed to check out. However I didn't know what to look for with the starter. The drive mech on the starter looked great, the flywheel that the starter turns looks fine meaning no broken teeth or excessive wear. Opened up the starter and all looked good. Tried to bring the starter into the motorcycle shop down the road but he was closing. He was nice enough to talk with me and he seemed to think it was a battery problem.
I hooked everything back up hoping it would magically work, no luck. I tried to start the bike And smoke came from where the ground and subframe connect. I removed all the black paint from the subframe, removed that washer and hooked it back up and .... No luck, however it starts much easier. Instead of making the full motion with the kickstarter, I pulled the decompression lever, moved the kicker an inch or so and starts with ease. So, maybe a battery issue? Any other thoughts.
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