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Originally Posted by p0diabl0 View Post
I got a Tourmaster Transition 2 this black friday from cycle gear and have ran it through the rain a couple of times now - no issues. It's main thing is having vent scoops which open via zippers, but the zippers are protected when closed. Here's hoping it stays waterproof.
I have the Transition 3, almost the same jacket. To be fair I have been in a couple of storms that I wouldn't go out in again, mostly high winds on bridges combined with a heavy rain.
The first time the water came in the main zipper, maybe I didn't have the flap over the right way and maybe some came in the neck, but I was wet from neck to nuts right down the middle and a little on the back.

The next time it came in the main zipper and the shoulder/arm vents. On days where the rain isn't as bad it does good. I used a neck gaiter a few times which seemed to keep the water out of the neck.

As far as the hi-vis, I have watched people all of a sudden notice me as they try to switch lanes into me or pull out in front of me. Who knows if a regular color would have had the same results, "Loud colors save lives".

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