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Originally Posted by doug s. View Post
not sure where the punishment is. i bought mine w/115k on it; drove it until i totaled it at 230k. it was actually quite reliable, w/only a couple minor problems. new clutch, new heater core, new stepper motor gear replacement. only maintenance issue is that timing belts need replacement every 30k. i got by w/40k replacements....

i thought of it as a camry with soul. i was sad when i totaled it...

doug s.
Don't get me wrong (I'm not complaining), but you do have to stay on top of it and it is a 21 year old car. The 164 has been very reliable, but it does require periodic stroking.... I have been plugging away at the issues, mostly age-related: rebuilt the whole front end, did the heater core, and the clear coat is starting to peel so paint is in the cards someday. I love the thing - life is too short to drive an appliance!
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