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Originally Posted by Deseret Rider View Post
Phrog, At one time---seems a hundred years ago but was really in the late '60's or early 70's a couple of 'Yanks" went to Australia determined to set the new record for riding the circumference of the your country. At that time there was a long stretch along the northern or north western section which was unpaved and one of our guys hit a kangaroo, crashed and was injured (broken leg or something as I now recall). But they were within sight of the record so the injured man ordered the other to ride on and send back help only after breaking the record. This inspired the remaining rider to ride like hell into the night (sounds like he may have actually had some Aussie in him) to complete the run. All ended well----the record was reported to have been now established at 10 days, 10 hours and 10 minutes. The injured man was rescued and this story was reported in one of our cycle magazines----might have been Cycle World but I don't remember for sure.

I imagine that since that time the road in that section has been paved and the new bikes are better and faster than those rode by our 'hero's". And we know that no self respecting Aussie would allow the record to be held by an outsider----so I'm wondering now if you happen to know what the new record is and who set it?
When I rode the circumference of Australia (missed the record by about 5,5 months) I met someone who said the record was now (in 2005) 7 days. Record held by a Brit, former SAS soldier, who didn't speak much, but had said he wished no one ever tried to beat his record because he had gone far beyond what was sane, let alone safe. The circumference on the A1 (the highway that sort of follows the coast all around Australia) is 17.000km. Also at that time the Northern Territory didn't have speed limits on their highways, which I understand they now have.
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