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[QUOTE=lentil;20367690]IMHO opinion the 650 is one of the sweetest motor known to man - there is nothing like dropping it back a cog or two and doing a high speed close fly by on a riding mate who is falling a sleep on a tar section with the big v twin humming and the staintune crackling out the back. They pretty soon wakeup and start wanting to make sure it doesnt happen again!

Yeah I must admit I would truly enjoy having a 650 as a daily rider and then keep the 1000 in the closet for play. I almost traded a fella my 1000 for his 650 a while back. Fell through though as I just oculd't let myself down size at that time. It seems I need two bikes :) Best part of that is you can ride one while the other is in the shop or getting fixed up/ & whatnot...
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