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Perils of Mong

Originally Posted by elias View Post
With a first view, i thought this rock was a crocodile
I'd forgotten B had this pic too and was going to post it myself. Of course it wasn't a was the fearsome Mongolian Pirahna shoal which we only managed to put off by sending the smelliest team member in first-It was close call most times who'd be nominated.

The Journey from Tsengel to Olgiy was appalling-it bucketed down with rain constantly and as W said we were all totally drenched. W had a nasty off coming out of a washout and we were all gad to get to Olgiy.
The Mongolian idea of creating an Irish bar is to get any cafe, and put the words "Irish", and ...yes you guessed it " Bar" above the door. No shamrocks, no Paddy music, no Irish beer...just the usual Chingis (Genghis as the West would have it) beer and mildly monotonous mutton menu. Alliteration...don't ya just love it.
It's bizarre but it got us through the door.

When we've said we were drenched, the staff had to repeatedly mop round our chair legs as the pools of water accumulated from our draining gear, and once we'd had something to eat none of us had much appetite for onward travel that day.

W however had fallen victim to a particularly virulent form of the previously mentioned "Beaver Fever" and was driven to push on towards Irkutsk where Erection Airways were waiting to whisk him to Moscow for some horizontal gymnastics. He had the crazed look of the truly horny.
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