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Our plush hotel

Our soon-to-be host came in to the bar looking for suitable prey and He had a piece of card with the same message in several languages and it ran something like;
" I have comfortable lodgings for a number of guests with hot shower and good food"....that was all we needed and we took the bait straight away.
The accomodation when we got there was a shared room with a low central table where 4 of us could bed down on the floor-B understandably wasn't too keen but as it was the only game in town we all decided to take what was on offer. It was ridiculously cheap.
We have yet to be shown the "hot shower" and I seriously question its existence, and the lavatory was a low ..i.e waist/breast high rectangle of mud-brickwork in the corner of the yard-with what in Africa is called a "Long Drop".
This a was adjacent to a sometimes busy lane outside the curtailage of the property, but standing having a pee when people are walking past is something I found difficult-not to mention the smell-dear God!. Without going into too much detail, any more serious function was delayed until a more opportune and less ...."social" location.
Not sure if the team have some pics of the yard or the room. Guys?

I found me a pal.


Later in the day as we'd arranged to have a meal provided too the family started work. Here getting milk.

When the meal arrived it was almost inedible gristly mutton -mostly bone with (as I remember but one of the guys will correct me) macaroni or buckwheat, and bread. I can eat most things and wouldn't be put off by bollocks or the like, but this was pretty grim. I think P & B just declined the meat and ate the accompanying bits .

Such is the variance of travel and you just need to notch it down to experience and hope the next meal will be a goodie.
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