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Originally Posted by jgas View Post
How do they get their lazy butts outside in nature to experience it? In a big, heavy, polluting, inefficient automobile which uses far more fossil fuel and pollutes far more than my little motorcycle. I can ride my bike to a trail system while getting great mileage and polluting far less than even a hybrid car. Once I get there on my bike, I can move around and find what needs to be done and do it! These idiots cry about our behavior while they sit in their air conditioned/heated office and accomplish nothing more than making our life miserable.

Hell, we off road riders are actually kicking these whiney enviros out of the way so WE can get some environmental sustainment done! We are making the natural world a better place IN SPITE OF THESE FOOLS!
Well stated. Good on you for your stewardship. You just described my left wing hippie cousin to a T. He and his ilk want to save the planet by writing letters and marching on Washington. They don't recreate, hike, volunteer, or do jack shit to make a real difference in the woods. Why? Because they are too busy spreading propaganda and protesting. Now he has become what he reviled against for so many years, a two time parent (unmarried of course), a multi property landlord, a (gasp) capitalist.:loll
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