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should be out riding
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Stop only hearing your euro friends opinions an consider the, easy to maintain, naked, parts are ccheap....and the most important part...people don't want to steal it like all the others. Sounds like you are keeping it outside. Lots of the other bikes are theft magnets.

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Stuck on Euro brand names?

For under $3k, you could probly find a used SV650 that would have all if not most of the power you need and serve you well beyond your riding skills for years to come.

Mechanically, SV650s are quite reliable and simple to maintain. OEM parts are pretty cheap, aftermarket parts are plenty available if you desire to upgrade later.

If you live in a big city and want to get a bike on the cheap without worry of vandals, accidental tip-over's to turn costly, SV650 can be a good choice.
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