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I've only owned 4 vehicles in my life. In order:
1. 95 Ranger
2. 96 F-150, 302. Still drove after 220k. Only thing replaced was: fuel pump and the entire rear end (had a diff. leak and only noticed it when it was too late).
3. 07 Colorado
4. 94 Bronco. Current cage.

Nothing wrong with the Chevy. Just didn't feel right.

I always wanted a Bronco from this generation and this one seems to be a little problematic. I think the PO's did some half ass work on it. Oil drain pan leaked a little on the exhaust x-over. Come to find out the seal folded on itself. Still continues to leak and I assume it to be the rear main seal. Some of the sensors are whack and there's a short in the wiring for my dome light. I still love it. Rear panels are starting to rust. The rust was dormant when I lived in Colorado but now that I'm out East, the humidity is taking it's toll. The 96 F-150 I drove seemed to be the only year Ford got it right. I drove that one in Missouri where we still used salt for a period of time before switching to gravel and I never had an issue with rusting.

All I've done to it so far was replace the leaking oil pan gasket, installed a high flow oil pump, 4.10 LSD over the 3.55 open, and the 33 Yoko's. Still need to regear the front.
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