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Thanks for all the replies. It sure helps to get some different ideas.

Believe me, I was at a point where I would have put in a jumper wire to do the "smoke test" but bike is in a perfect running

state now and not shorting out fuse. Right now I have it apart and going through the individual wires associated w/the ignition

circuit. Like suggested, I suspect something under the tank and up around the neck towards handle bars. Hopefully I will be

able to find the wire that is shorting out. If not. I will put things back together and try to recreate short.

Good suggestion on the test light. I will set mine up as instructed as I have gone through a number of fuses.

Also good suggestion on wiring/fusing suspect components on a direct separate line to battery. I will keep that in mind

while trouble shooting suspect components.

I will keep the board informed of my progress, or lack of. Might be hard getting any trouble shooting done today w/all the

Bowl games being played.

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