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Trees and carbon

Originally Posted by randyo View Post
fast growing small trees do not grow as much as and old tree

old growth giant sequoia grows more in volume than any other tree on earth
Thanks for the clarification. I read the idea about trees in an old Nat. Geo article about the carbon cycle. The author may have been mistaken. The idea was that trees could be harvested and stored in mines, or other places where they would be prevented from decomposing and returning carbon to the cycle. The author asserted that fast growing trees would be best for this purpose. Another idea was to create algae blooms in the oceans by seeding with iron.

When we focus on carbon instead of biodiversity and habitat preservation we get some rather odd ideas like these. On the topic of the original thread I do feel good about using a motorcycle for traveling. I have a company provided pickup that keeps track of fuel consumption. I looked at the dash the other day and noticed that I had burned over 2500 gallons of gas in less than a year. My 250 Sherpa gets about 70 mpg and saves a bunch of gas in comparison, but it cannot cary all my tools. I am still using, or perhaps wasting a precious resource when I ride the Sherpa, but at least I am using a bit less. I'm not so much concerned about the CO2 emissions as the scarcity of fuel. Someone posted about future electric vehicles. It may be possible that horses and camels are in our future instead. As duel sport environmentalists we are trying to have it all. We want our fun and we want to save gas. It won't save the world, but it helps a wee bit. Btw. We saw the Sequoia groves in Yellowstone last summer. Incredible! Should be on everyones bucket list.
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