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Originally Posted by Mat_Sci View Post
I am finding that my Tiger is less stable on forest roads than I would like. I have experienced a shimmy that starts around 60 mph on gravel roads, which only seemed to get worse with increasing speed. Although the majority of the miles I put on the bike are on pavement, mix of one or two up, the performance I seek is in dirt and gravel roads one up with camping gear. I am big so I am sure at a minimum new springs would help. I am interested in finding out if you have worked on the Tigers in the past and if there are various options.

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The shimmy you are feeling is most likely due to too light of a spring rate in the rear. There are a few other things it could be, but without knowing more of the info it's hard to nail down.
What do you weigh, and how tall are you?
I have done a few sets of tigers in the past. What year is yours?
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