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New Owner issues

Hello guys. I am joining the group. I just traded one of my street bikes for a 2006 TE610 with and extra set of sumo wheels, dirtbag setup, spare parts and almost an entire spare engine. Of course I have inherited the subframe issues.

The exhaust mount seems to have been broken and repaired with a homemade metal bracket. The battery mount seems to have had metal added with screws to strengthen it. I will have to look at it closer later. The brake light did not work when I got it. I found a lot of dirt in the space behind the light. I cleaned the connections and put a thick layer of dielectric grease on them and got it working again. There is a chance I might change the whole light out in the future. The left mirror mount is broken. It should be an easy fix. One of the mounting points of the front left header cover is broken. I guess that I will have to have that welded. Is the exhaust pipe stainless?

The main problem that I have found is that the subframe is broken on the left side on the extension that sticks out past the seat in the rear and holds the rear fender and rack. I guess that my only option is to take it apart and have it welded. Is that the best course of action? What should I have to tell the welder for the aluminum for the subframe?

Thank you for any directions and ideas.
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