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Originally Posted by Bgunn View Post
I seen your other thread

The mechanic said the spark was good, but this may be worth checking.

Look on page 6-20 in manual.

IT shows the CDI box and what wires to check on the plug in.

PLUG#1: BLACK wire and WHITE wire are listed as the "Power Source coil". This is the coil in the engine to supply power to the Coil connected to the spark plugs.

CHeck that there is 0.1-0.2ohm resistance between the 2 wires.

The BLUE and GREEN wires are the "Pick-up coil" wires, this reading should be 170-256ohms

Would guess a pick up coil is more likely to fail than the CDI. Its happened to a few folks on here. No spark no start.

Here is a link to an aftermarket pick up coil that requires cutting and soldering.

No affiliation, and there is probably other sources too.
Thanks for your advise and offers to help...they're much appreciated. One question for it possible to have spark with a bad pick up coil?
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