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Originally Posted by xathor View Post
I have Google Earth KML's of the entire TAT route that I have collected by piecing together peoples ride reports over a few years. I spent quite a lot of time reading ride reports in my spare time while I was in Iraq in 2011. I am more than willing to share with others. I was planning on building a website that was TAT centric that had the route and "pushpins" for other riders to add to help give other riders advice, warnings and places to stay or eat along the route. I just never got around to it.
I was just reading through a TAT thread from 2010 tonight and came across this:

".Recently I sent an email to Sam to see what he thinks about people sharing GPS tracks of TAT...

> Hi Sam,
> Are you in favor of or against the free distribution of GPS tracks of TAT,
> that others have recorded while following your maps and roll charts?
> Thanks,
> Scott

And Sam's response...

I am against it. It is wrong and unfair.....there
is no way to prevent this from happening...Free distribution hurts future
developement of this project and this hurts ALL of the riders.........Sam

I'd say the same holds for distributing the paper maps and roll charts. If you ride TAT and don't pay Sam, you're cheaing him, and taking away the motivation for him and others like him to create new rides."

Just wanted to air that. Lefty
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