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Originally Posted by Mudcat View Post
The map which comes with the Montana, topo 100k set, how is this different from City Navigator other then having topoís?
Does it show all the roads and streets? Will I be able to find destinations by address, intersections, city names, what have you?
I donít care much about the vender listings on CN but they can be useful.
Garmin's 100K Topo Map has everything in common with Garbage. The Garmin 100K TOpo Maps are known to be off by 300 feet or more, quite regularly. These maps are only intended to give you a very general idea of where you are on the planet, and include severely limited detail.

Garmin's 24K Topo maps are much more accurate, and are routable. They include most streets and highways, but are not updated four times a year like City Navigator maps are. If you want to the latest and greatest up-to-date routable information, City Navigator is your best bet.
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