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A royal pain in my that is what it was. I had to rework this piece 4 times due to that air bubble and my novice mistakes. I am going to run mine and let MotoRiley destroy his and see how they hold up before I make any more. It will be 3 months of testing so I figure that will be a good platform to figure out what works and what doesn't.

That and I want to vacuum bag the next one, or come up with a better method to lay it up. I may have to run with many cutouts to eliminate pulling as the resin cured as well as minimize airpockets. I may not use carboard as well, that seemed to add to the problems. I figure if I run 5 sheets and 6-7 in the middle and on the mounting tabs that should be fine and eliminate the need of the cardboard.
Something to consider..... forgo the cardboard...... then in the mould you have just made.... lay down an inch thick layer of epoxy clay. Then use that as a mechanical " other side" and then after trimming the vertical sides to the future layup thickness..... then just lay up the matrix in the mould, then layup the epoxy piece on the other side, effectively holding the layup in place, and squeezing out excessive resin in the process.

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