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Originally Posted by yrunotriding View Post
Yes 2 days are needed. I grabbed the Maryland tag as an experiment to see how the riding gear I have now would do in 30 degree weather before I decided to go on a 12 hour journey. The MD tag was a total of 3 hours round trip, and though my hands and torso were fine, my legs and feet were frozen solid. Not good for long distance riding. So though many of you may feel that I am not a team player or being a wuss, I am just trying to play the game as it was intended by Blinkerfluid without having an accident.

Page 1 quote of the NA TOR.
#5 Read the Rules, understand the intent of the game. Quality not Quantity. If you want to tag a stop sign at the corner of "I'm impatient" and "Hurry Up" roads just to up the tag count, play a local game instead.. There are no rules that say you can't play more than one game at a time, so if this one sits for a week or two while the stars align for a big move, then so be it.. Obviously don't sit on it for weeks on end if you have no plans to actually take it somewhere though.

Please allow me some time here, as the weather has been very cold and damp in Maryland. The egg will be heading south to a very interesting spot, so that it can be carried away to better weather very soon.
Yea, whatever.
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