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Originally Posted by runnin4melife View Post
Good idea, now should I just make this clay myself or source something premade? Further down the rabbit hole I go Alice!
It is pricy to buy, but PC sells it, which is best quality. I make my own, simply mixing the plaster you use to set broken arms with..... Raid your med place, or scram to your local hobby lobby, and get a gallon for about $7. Mix the epoxy as normal, then degass it....pour it into a big bucket, and slowly stir in the plaster. You need to mix it on the hard side, because as it begins to set, teps elevates, and it begins to run a bit. I mix mine to the consistency of play dough. You want to sand the outside, after its done, and lay up a few layers of either glass or cf, to add strength. I have a few videos floating on photobucket. You can access then through my FB page. Look for " advanced mould making" from I will do anything to avoid vacuum bagging, thus saving that to the last resort. The above mentioned method will suit you fine.

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