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Originally Posted by Jim Moore View Post
Well that just plain ol' sucked. The past three months have been a perfect storm of bad weather, injury, sickness, and a healthy dose of laziness thrown in for good measure. I only managed 433 miles in three months, which leaves me at 3138 for the year, well short of my goal of 3500.

So, how did I do this year? My first goal was 3500 miles. did I reach it? No. My second goal was a century. Did I do that? No. My best ride was about 80 miles. My third goal was twenty miles in an hour. Did I reach that? No. My best was 19.25 miles. In short, suckage, suckage, and suckage.

That's not going to keep me from setting even grander goals for enxt year though. Here they are: 4000 miles, a century, and 20 miles in an hour. I have absolutely zero confidence that I'll make any of them.

As a note, I'm at 5488 this morning.
You could always start on a really long downhill.
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