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I used a 74 cb 750 as a daily driver for years and it worked fine, once I replaced the points with cdi ( points and condensers being $40 a set ) changed the oil every 1500 miles and had all 4 carbs rebuilt, replaced the tires, shocks, fork seals, swing arm bushings, rebuilt the front caliper and cleaned every ground on the bike. All in all I was about 3 grand into the bike to get it to a point it would run and charge for daily use. Now I loved that bike but I believe that I had about 5 amps to spare on the charging (so no glove Warmers or GPS plugs for me) and when it was my primary transport I had to do a full tune up pretty much once a month (oil, valves, clean plugs, grease bushings) which now that I have a family would be harder to find time for.

Is it worth 7 grand for 400 extra ccs and no carbs? Probably if you throw in the improved fuel efficiency and longer maintenance intervals.

I can't wait for you guys to buy one and get tired of it in a few years so I can take it offa your hands...
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