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Originally Posted by AC Swank View Post
Congratulations Recht, you know how to pick a looser better than the rest of us.

My complex diametric paradigm for the likelihood of non victory has proven effective in this contest. Sixteen straight, the perfect season (I missed week one, we can call that my bye week). More importantly, I was able to able to increase the net worth of my retirement account with tax-free dollars as a result of my winnings.
In reality this was hard for me, it is contrary to my nature to root for someone to lose. I want everyone to win. Each week I picked the probable non-winner, but I always, deep inside, wanted them to win. It is just a game to us, a silly internet contest, but I feel for the players who give their all for the game and the fans who root for them.
Thank God for the N.F.L.
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