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Originally Posted by GSF1200S View Post
Im liking the flow of this thread- lotta good tips here.

Others seem to really feel losing weight is crucial (of gear and self )- I notice extra weight and bulk a lot, and so Im being a pound-pincher. Any sage wisdom about a great lightweight tent that is 2 person? I would imagine for sandy, muddy, or rocky areas driving a spike might be tricky/impossible, so im thinking freestanding.. Currently torn between a REI Quarter Dome T2 plus and a Big Agnes Seedhouse 2L..

Im currently trying to really pare my load down to one 49L drybag and a tool bag on the front fender, and possibly a homemade tool tube down low on the bike.. Swapped exhaust and will get a Shorai battery prolly to combat some of the up-high weight from the (contents of the) drybag. How much weight you guys hauling along? I hear some of that TAT mud is pretty nasty
Spent one 3 day trip trying "ultra-light" backpacking and found out it was definitely not for me! Just too much comfort was lost for me. The closed cell foam ruined my sleep, the light weight tarp allowed critters in with me, and the alcohol stove was great but slow. I now consider myself a "lightweight" hiker now. I am have done the "pack light, freeze at night" and I am over it. Instead of sacrifing comfort I throw down the money on better, more innovative gear that is lighter.

All of that being said I now have a Marmot limelight 2p to replace the tarp and carry my old jetboil over the alky stove. There are many good tents out there but I found the marmot tent on a helluva a steal so I got it. I believe it is around 4.5 lbs complete. Set up is super quick and quality seems good. I really like the Big Agnes stuff too. It is usually roomier and good quality.
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