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I bought this 81 xs650 off craigslist and had thoughts of fabricating, swapping and polishing. I wanted to see if it was mechanically sound and put it together, the pamco was not fully installed and a few pieces were missing. That all took a bit of sorting out and it started on the third kick.

It was heading towards being a bobber and the rear subframe was cut off and most of the trim, seat, covers etc were not included. I borrowed the seat, tank and number plates from a tt500 I had bought in Lodi this past fall and put it on the road.

Here's the donor bike

Ands heres the xs as it looks today

It's been a lot of fun as a winter commuter and the Hughs PMA supplys all the needed power for my heated gear etc.
As spring approaches the glass and plates are going back on the 500 and I'll do something different with the xs

The 1.5 gallon tank from the tt is pretty limiting for a rider and the seat is about as soft as a piece of 3/4 cdx but it's still a fun ride and every roundabout you want to throw it down and put the wood to it.

I don't call it a build or even a project it was more of a really lazy job of throwing it together and riding it hard but it's like a magnet to the old guys who rode or watched any flattrack racing.

No. the number 36 was not earned, I'm 57 and 38 years ago when I could get a bike running well enough I ran as number 36 on a local short track. I wasn't fast than and taking 34 years off doesn't seem to have helped but I'm still hoping to run the tt in few events this coming season and using my original number seemed like a reasonable choice.

Love this thread there are some beautiful bikes in it. denny
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