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Originally Posted by r'elise me View Post
JUmped on my friends 2013 FE501 this weekend and just loved the thing. Light, nimble - makes my 690E feel piggy especially for the day rides without bags. So now I'm jonesing for a lightweight street legal enduro bike to supplement the 690e and 12GS stable.

The question is should I get the older 570. I like the berg-specific, 'classic' nature of the 70deg motor and the assumed displacement advantage, but I don't want a pita bike to service and farkle. I just want to do day rides on it and I'm not that demanding - I'm a noob on dirt and my bigger bikes are kinda dangerous for riders of my age (48) and experience level on technical trails. So considering the 570 really depends on answers to the following:

Are larger fuel tank options available?

Are servicing and parts difficult to get in Los Angeles?

Are these bikes really 250 lbs dry (has anyone weighed theirs?)

Are there mfr design problems (like my ktm's fuel pump, lighting, throttle snatchiness, etc)?

Do you think this is a significantly easier bike to learn dirt riding on than my 690e?

I'm sure these questions have all be addressed in this long thread, but maybe someone can give me a quick reply since I'm just starting to consider this bike and can't afford the time to sift through all the info out there. Thanks for the help.

Fuel capacity is a problem and the aftermarket stuff isn't that elegant.

KTM parts are what they are, I have no problems in NJ???

I think closer to 265 true weight, only heavy under human power.

All KTM problems carry over IMO. It is a KTM but more rare and a total PITA to work on except the air filter.

Much better than the 690 but a legal 250/350 would probably be even better.
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