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Thanks all for the inputs.

"OK, asked my son and he remembers we found the short where the harness is routed through a hook on the main frame tube under the gas tank/seat junction. There was some weld spatter there and it rubbed through."

Thanks for checking .

"Take a look at the bottom of the fuel tank itself ... look for where the paint has been rubbed .. this could indicate where the wiring has been contacting the tank .. and where the wires are shorting.

The other place to check are the wires where they flex with the handle bar being turned ... "

I will give this shot, looking under tank for any wear marks and trying to match up w/wires.

After close inspection of wires mostly associated w/ignition circuit, I couldn't find any suspect wire. There are several wires

that are spliced together (where two or three wires are crimped to one main wire and branches off to other circuits and just

taped over) . I rewrapped these spliced spots.

I hooked up the bare harness again without wrapping the wires hoping I could recreate the short and spot the shorted


Put the #3 10a ignition fuse in turned bike on, fuse stayed intact.

Started the bike, bike ran, fuse still intact. Pulled and twisted on wires at all connections/plugs, bike still runs.

Put the tank on, bike still runs. Put pressure on tank, moved tank from side to side, bike still running.

Turned handle bars lock to lock several times, played w/all switches several times, bike still runs.

Next plan is to throw m/c ramp in back of buddy's pick-up, have him follow me while I ride, try to recreate short like it

happened the last two times. If fuse blows, hopefully it does, we will try to isolate and track suspect wire with meter right

there and then.

I will post with any success or failure. I am also thinking of investing in a new harness from Bike Bandit.

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