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Module Master Rebuilds BMW ABS Pump Modules

I see this info in a couple of other threads but thought I'd add a header that may be easier
to find later on.

Anyone with a BMW that is equipped with ABS, any version, is or may become aware
of the failure problems of the ABS pump that can result in a repair bill of

If you're smart and keep your machine in some sort of warranty, it's not a big
deal. If it's out of warranty or, if you want a fix that is better than the
factory-issue pump, you now have the option of a rebuild that will cost you only
$250 in most cases.

Module Master -

They're in Moscow !! (Idaho, that is.) Tyler is the main man there and he
knows his stuff. Not only do they do motorcycle modules but they do car units
as well. He is getting a LOT of BMW repairs.

The biggest problem with the BMW pumps is that the commutator brushes inside the
pump motor itself tend to deteriorate. The degeneration apparently is due as
much to time as usage.

Module Master replaces these brushes with better-quality pieces and does the
same with any other internal components that are marginal. They then fully test
the unit and give it a FULL 5-YEAR WARRANTY.

I had the unit on my '07 GS rebuilt and it works fine.

Removal and installation of an ABS pump is not a huge challenge for anyone with
mechanical experience but it does require diligence and a full bleed/flush of
the brake system.

Even if you have to have professional help with the removal/install, Module
Masters can save you around $2000 in many cases and give you a better-than-stock
ABS system.
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