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Originally Posted by Muecke View Post
Thank you for answering.
In the moment I have it installed like in the foto. But the plate was broken at the last rally. So I need a new one.
I need a base plate for Touratech roadbook, on top a place for 1 Touratech IMO 50 and a second without holes in the plate on the left for my small Garmin GPS Quest 3. The Quest is as big as the IMO 50.
Over the place of the IMO I need place for 2 GPS antenna.
Under the roadbook I have now my original smal digital speedometer of the BMW. So I need a small place under the roadbook for the original speedometer and only 1 switch for electric.

Where are you from?

Happy New year Muecke,

The plate seems similar to what I have, the plate with the buttons under the Roadbook in my plate is removable so you can add different configutrations. Because of the cables that you have on the side, I cannot see how everything (the plate I mean...) is attached to the tower. It is not difficult at all to provide you with drawings although these days I am pretty busy with other designs as well , I am based in Athens, Greece at the moment ( ) , I will do some preliminary designs for you during the weekend and post them and take it from there

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