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Originally Posted by hanksmybuddy View Post
After spending too long talking with the biker headed to Baja I mounted back up and kept heading south. Plan was to go into San Francisco, hang out for awhile and take some pics. Weather was getting fairly hot and needed an extended break. Always interesting in SF. I could spend all day just watching the freaks and weirdos walk by. Place has got quite a few of them. Although maybe they think I'm the freak for riding around on a motorcycle. I guess it takes all kinds to keep it interesting.

Found a bar with some parking for bikes and just hung out for a couple of hours. Nice open air bar for a cold one and a great viewing spot.

Someone in SF doesn't like our postal service. Never have understood people that vandalize others stuff.

Hi boys. Nice purses.

Mounted back up and kept working south. Took a wrong turn somewhere and ended on the eastside of the city and traffic was bad. Had planned to get further south but only made it to Half Moon Bay.

Stayed in Half Moon Bay for the night and back on 1 early the next morning. Ended up in Monterey for breakfast. This is a really pretty town on the coast. Just south of here is Carmel with Pebble Beach golf course. As I use to be an avid golfer thought I'd check it out. Had seen it numerous times on TV and it didn't disapoint. It is a really pretty area and the golf course along the course is a golfers dream.

Saw this just outside of Monterey and did a U-turn to get a picture.


Had been told about a scenic road called 17 mile drive which goes to Carmel. Multi-million dollar homes and a scenic drive along the coast. Decided to check it out even though it's a toll road. I pull up to the gate and park. Get off the bike to pay the toll and a security guard tells me I can't ride a motorcycle on the road. ?????????????? Told me they had a guy on a motorcycle get on the golf course, tore up a green and now bikes are banned. So I ask.....if a car had done that would you ban all cars? Those are the rules can turn around here. Guy was a real ass. As I'm mounting up a guy comes over to me and tells me to go back up the road a few hundred yards and there is a dirt trail that I can take and pop out below the guard shack that will put me on the scenic road. Guys says it's a stupid regulation because alot of the homes on the drive has people living there with bikes. I think they just wanted to keep riff raff like me out of there. Anyway, I find the path, pop back out on the road and had a nice cruise into Carmel. Plus as a bonus I saved having to pay the $9.00 toll.

Stopped at Pebble Beach and checked out some of the holes along the coast. Just like you see on TV. Guy in the parking lot told me it's like $275 to play a round. Yea right, like I'm going to pay that to play golf. Saw lots of people that appeared to have a friggin butt load of money.

I have always wondered about San Francisco, I've travelled through, never explored it per se, but its a beautiful place. Going back next summer with the family. My wife says the "left of center population" there succeeds due to the high number of "DINK"s, (double income no kids) both straight and gay in town. It has the highest average home price in America, yet almost everyone I see there looked like they cant afford coffee. Whatever.

As far as Pebble Beach, Im an enlisted man in the Army, not wealthy, but brother I would happily pay 275.00 for a tee time at Pebble Beach. Eventually all those old wealthy elitists there are going to die. Then it will be a nice place.
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