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This device only allows a single PWM frequency to be used per device. While I could allow you to change it, that seems like a pretty "expert" setting. My plan was to force it to around 60 Hz which is fine for LEDs and bulbs and resistive loads. The PWM generator I am using has a range of 40 Hz to 1000 Hz. I like 60 Hz as it doesn't have any visible flicker and nor does it have an audible hum or whine.

Can you offer any reasons why I should offer this expert setting? Allowing people to do stuff that is likely to reduce their happiness with a product is generally a bad idea I think. Not to mention that each new feature turns into new support calls. I am open to being convinced to add it but I don't see why I would want to (unless you could set it for each channel which you cannot).

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Can the user change the PWM frequency?

How will wiring be connected? Terminal strip on side? Phoenix connectors? or ???

Just got a new bike after a careless cager took out my old one, so I am going to be doing lots of re-wiring for HID's, new heated gear, etc... I would definitely be in the market for buying a prototype and giving feedback...
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