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Originally Posted by Jon_PDX View Post
Almost forgot....... I do remember that I always had to have the CD's in the CD drive to work with it which was a hassle but from what I remember there were no unlock codes required.

Maybe they are all that way, I have no idea. But it sure was a hassle to have to load the disks (there are three of them) if I wanted to even view the map segments in MapSource.

Is the 24K or 100K that way too?

Now that you mention it, I do have an ancient set of Topo CD's around here somewhere, and the last time I used them I do remember having to put the correct CD in the drive before I could read the Map information.

Current release DVD's install to your HDD and do not require the DVD be inserted each time to function.

Oh, and SKIP the Topo 100K. Garbage.

This a great 24k map for your area.
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