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Starting The New Year Right!

Just to follow up on Luke's report and add a few more pictures, yesterday was a great day out in the shop and felt like a really good way to kick off the New Year!

Starting the day out in a chilly shop, but not inclined to bitch much after watching bmwktmbill working on his GXV out in the snow drifts!

In the AM;

Getting the fire burning;

Luke with heater buddy;

Loud Al with portable fire pit;

In the PM (it eventually got up to 52 degrees when we closed up the curtains);

Luke lathing;

Early in the day, lots of cleaning and prep work, measuring rings, getting everything ready for piston-ring-cylinder install;

After Luke found the "sweet spot" and got the first guide in;

Guide number 2 installed;

Pistons and rings ready for the ever so delicate process of installing the cylinder. Luke noted later that the only cussing heard during the entire day was during this process, and most of the special words were coming from me. Think football and three monkeys!

After cylinder install, the three of us assembled the head, bolted it on and then installed the rocker cover assembly so Luke could rotate the motor thru a couple revolutions and verify all was in harmony.

Awesome day, really enjoyed being out in the shop and seeing so much progress.
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