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Originally Posted by jeep8 View Post
You should buy a 1.5inch octagon box extension ring to allow you to get a locknut on the conduit in the back of the box. It appears to have only one bare ground wire from the romex, If so, tie that grounding wire to the junction box. Also the 2 white wires appear to be showing bare conductors, they need to be trimmed to the correct length, retwisted and wirenut reinstalled. When I am trying to do my best work I will wrap scotch 33 or 88 tape on all the conections over the wire nut and around the wires to help prevent the nuts coming off or the wires from seperating. Tape or wirenut all unused wires.The 1/2 inch knock out hole on the left side needs a pushpenny or plug in it to help contain a fire inside the box. Use diagonal cutter to trim cleanly the outer jacket on the romex. Other than all that, it looks good.

This last comment should be at the top of the page.

Change batteries in smoke detectors when you change your clock for daylight savings.
Thanks! I'll open the box tonight and touch it up.
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