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Originally Posted by Loutre View Post
I pulled the trigger last week and have to say they are awesome. so comfy and stiff (rough) enough for what I do. I really appreciate them and I'm happy to use them this winter.
Well the awesome is gone and I had to sent them back to FORMA.

They still are comfy but my left boot isn't waterproof at all. Even when treated... as said rockinrog before me. Since I had them for just over a month, I think that's unacceptable and sent them back for an other pair. I know I'll probably have the same result but after 3000kms that I did with them, I expect more for my money. In doubt, I give them a chance and think that the left one had a problem with the fabrication or something like that. Since I have 2 year warrenty on them, I think that I'll stock up on stamps to send them back a few times . Good think I didn't toss my old boots in the garbage can.


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