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Originally Posted by HBrew View Post
The point is was it corporate Suzuki? if so they still closed the doors. No advantage over a separate company distributing the product here. A previous post suggested since SYM was not distributing product directly in the US that this is a negative. My point in bringing up Suzuki is that is not necessarily true. So far Alliance appears to be executing a very good business plan, as a customer I am happy with SYM, my local dealer and Alliance.
No, they didn't close the doors, they stopped selling cars in the US. The point is that manufacturers can and are willing to weather a money losing year or two, and have the ability to do so. Most of the distributors bolt or cut way back when the market tanks.
Now, just so you fully understand the difference between dealing with the company you are dealing with and a manufacturer that distributes their own product, try buying body panels for a 2006 Lance, and then try buying them for any 1995 Honda or Yamaha scooter.
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