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Originally Posted by DandyDoug View Post
Ben is a smart dude , lot's of business savy learned from being around Mladdin so long.
He has unfinished business in GP and can possibly make a statement there with Ducati ( what they can deliver is the big question in my mind) .
He realised that taking a second string ride with someone else in GP was not going to cut it, probably spent some time talking with Colin Edwards if he is as smart as i think he is.

Going back to Superbike is a great fall back position if Ducati fails to get the bike right. Wonder how long his contract with them is for ??
I think he questions his skill a little in that interview. He was pretty discriptive of Lorenzo's advantages. He said he couldn't quite get the corner speed where he needed it. That he was too ragged to get the most out of his tires. He certainly ruined a few so he knew he was doing something wrong. Dovi looked smoother even though they both lapped about the same pace. It was definitely a tough season to watch for Spies fans. Watching him grab the lead at Indy and then start to slow before finally grenading the motor on the front straight...
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