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Originally Posted by KaHOnas View Post

Fourth and last question, do hacks really kick as much ass as I think they do? I'd love to go for a ride through the country here in TN with my wife on the back and my son in the car. It just sounds like a blast.

Thanks all!
Some training and knowledge is important. Like, for instance, if you want to go out with your wife riding pillion and your son in the car then your wife is petite and your son outweighs her, right? Because if your son is a child, and your wife outweighs him, then you got it backwards.

As for kicking ass, some like hacking and some don't. There's a guy on this forum who lives pretty close to you who spent about $40,000 putting together his first rig last winter. Really really nice rig. He hated it. His wife hated it. He's back to two wheels. On the other hand, you got guys like me who think that hacking is way more fun than solo biking.

One thing I'll say, though, and this includes the $40,000 guy, is that the guys who try it and hate it are also the guys who did not do a steering mod. A rig without a steering mod can be driven OK, but nobody would call it fun. And no rig without a steering mod kicks ass. If you want the rig to kick ass you got to get right the steering, suspension, and setup.
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