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Originally Posted by craftycoder View Post
I like 60 Hz as it doesn't have any visible flicker and nor does it have an audible hum or whine. Can you offer any reasons why I should offer this expert setting? .
Working support myself, I can understand your resistance to enabling features that will just confuse some end-users. But also you just never know what might come up. I know of one rider that does see visible flicker at a 60hz pulse. Not all LED's and drivers are created the same, and there is still potential for 60hz hum on audio electronics.

If folks are using this mostly for heated gear control, they could drop the frequency down if they hear hum, likewise if they see flicker they could raise the frequency, but at the potential for hum and whine.

Not putting in an adjustable means that somewhere someone will need/want to adjust it and they are SOL, or calling cause they have issues that could be solved by changing. Putting in the adjustment means that you could have more support calls.

I myself will be using this mostly for heated stuff. My LED drivers already have adjustable current control, but the mosfet's (assuming you are using) are generating less heat with less switching.

But just my thoughts.. I hate to not include an adjustable part only to find out later I need it.
Maybe somehow hide it under an "Expert" menu?

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