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Lol, "Hey look, a rut!" ... At the local Golf Course Crossing. A fairly popular area no doubt...

Took to the rut a little late, lost it, and backed her in Circle-Track style till she looped around. I almost saved it, but that wound up being the tree's job... Right into the case...

So having rolled off at this time and not wanting to stick around for the Minority Report and subsequent Self-Imposed Insurance tax hike, I bowed to the jaw dropped on-lookers and quickly sprained my back hoisting my light bike, started it and high tailed it outta there...

Lol at the two other times, one on a TrailWing as old as the parts bike it came off, the other a sloppy, late, Fish-tail attempt (not including my genuine accident that would be the source of my public ridicule here) but they've all lead to one thing...

I'm not dead and I'm a better rider with a higher developed sense of caution (that inner voice) because of it.

Besides, I listen to it more than I do those that ridicule me.
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Everybody's always talking out the side of their mouths about our "dependency on foreign oil", what about our dependency on cheap china crap? Who exactly again is killing our dollar?

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