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I just read through the 3 pages and still had a few questions for you. You mentioned:
"The 16-Cell will have more cranking amps pretty massive power compared to a lead acid and a bit more capacity than the 12-Cell version. This would benefit if you ride more often in colder climates, or have extra accessories on the bike. The reason for the benefit in colder climates is basically because the more cranking amps you have, the more overhead you would have for cranking in colder climates."
I understand about the cold climate= bigger battery,but what batteries do you recommend with what temp ranges ? I have a Yamaha WR250R, live in R.I. and try to ride the WR even in the winter. I typically ride in 40-50F & above temps,but there are several rides(maybe 8-10 x's per year) where I leave my house and it's in the 30's or I'm on a trip and am camping out and it goes down into the 20's. What would you recommend with out being overkill?
You also mention if you have extra accessories that will make a difference to what size you need. I always thought as long as those accessories are OFF when you start your bike-they won't affect it? Is the battery still working to keep those things going once your bike is running? Was that more of a warning in case you accidently leave them on?
You also make mention of that dangerous 10.5 volts and below can kill a battery. What would you recommend for someone who wants to do a trip and store their bike at a storage location,and then return 10-12 months later to continue their trip. Is it possible with out the battery being plugged into a charger?
Last,I assume that leaving things charging over night in your tank bag(cell phone,camera battery,scalar head set battery) as I have done in the past with no problems will work fine with these batteries as well? Thanks
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