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Okay..... leaving San Felipe!

We had a lovely breakfast in the morning at a place of course that I cant remember and met with some nice folks from the US that had moved down there and they couldn't have been happier. For them it seems, they bought a place and started spending time down there. A few weeks a year turned into a few months a year and that turned into basically full time.

It makes you think....

we roll out of San Felipe not exactly knowing which way to go. Our GPS is nearly worthless as it shows us driving around in the ocean - so we follow the crowd and find the coast road.

lots of fifth wheel rigs down there...

there were LOTS of "creek crossing" signs down here and - I kid you not - were like Motocross Jumps. in fact, I have BEEN on smaller MX jumps. Had we not been given good advice warning us about these, we may have had our trip cut short after a long time in the air with a probable crash.

oh - there IS a trashcan in Mexico. We found it.

our map was showing that this road turned into dirt just 50 miles south of San Felipe - we knew we were going to run into dirt but we just didnt know when. We also knew that once we hit the dirt, we might have to turn we were just enjoying what was in front of us.

what we were rewarde with was one of the best motorcycle roads I have ever seen - it gives HWY 1 in California a serious run for its money.

you can see the old road here - not bad at all. and what a view!

the desert we saw in here was PRISTINE...... so beautiful.

SO - there we were gliding along on this brand new ribbon of perfect tarmac....

then we come up on something in the road.....the guys were out there in the sun MAKING THE CURBS on the road. They looked up and waved at us "Buenos Dias!" everyone waved - we waved back.

so now we are driving along with no curbs

we are going along and see something else in the road up ahead. It's all the guys with the paving machines!
we wave. "Buenos Dias!" everyone waves - we wave back. Now we're on a graded dirt road....

finally we come across a guy with a truck and he is wildly motioning us to be off of the road.... and here is why....come around a corner and this is what we saw.

THIS is why they dont want you travelling at night - you come around a corner and there is 50% of a bridge.... or a pile of cows.

so we got off of the new highway and back onto the old road. Here is the way they tell you to exit the highway....

SO - back on the old highway!

and into Ganzaga Bay!

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
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